Who We Are

In a constantly changing world, you are forced to make financial decisions. As life passes by, those financial decisions are made at different times, with different people, and under different circumstances. This approach could leave your financial life disorganized, inefficient, uncoordinated, and ineffective due to lack of control. Without a macro-manager, you are left with the complex responsibility of tying all of your financial decisions together.

At Wealth Coordination Consultants, we utilize a macro-economic process. We apply critical thinking to create strategies that will empower you to help achieve both short and long term goals. Our process both educates and informs. Our goal is to give you an organized view of your entire financial life. As we work together with you, we have the ability to test, monitor and verify that your financial decisions will help build assets through the accumulation, distribution, and legacy phases. With 20 years of experience, and alignment with strategic partners, we will create a financial structure that adapts to your changing environment.